Sunday, April 30, 2006

implied triangle

implied triangle
Originally uploaded by zen♫.
i'm not altogether sure what i'm doing with a blog. Like this photo i want to define things by their absence, to discover patterns of seemingly unconnected things, to recognize myself in a crowd of other regular people and know that without them, i'm not complete either.

So i'll continue to take photos, abstracts and mix the meaningful and the meaningless together in a way that is in tune with my heart's beat, and see what progresses.

This is a stone sculpture at Beaverlake north of Asheville. I actually had to get 'inside' the sculpture and look up to get this shot, but the object d'art is intended to be interacted with as far as i can tell.

boxelder bug

the original uploaded by zen♫.

insects are so other. hard to think of them as related to us, and closer to us than the tree they are eating. weird breathing methods, bones on the outside, adults with no mouthparts, multifaceted eyes, tongues on the ends of their feet, chemical signals, responses and defenses... it's all so amazing physically and spiritually.

i wish i felt poetic

the original uploaded by zen♫.

the truth is i see many things as areas of light or color or shades of things and frequently have no emotional attachment to them. I only partially compose usually with not much intent to a subject matter, only framing to keep out the unwanted and emphasize some part that, for the moment, i'm interested in. In this case the texture on the wall, warm and contrasted to the cold blue of space to black.

candle of the season

looking thru the napa valley of rusted furnaces

Saturday, April 29, 2006

standing there charlotte airport

seems i'm always looking down. Or at least my camera with the heavy lens (sony F828) is always pointing down when around my neck and i frequently have the LCD on - sometimes i see my next mission in this shot - especially those 'standing there' ones.

our pilot peeks out disapprovingly

our pilot peeks out disapprovingly, originally uploaded by zen♫.

well, he seemed pretty apprehensive about us. Is that sweat on his brow?

charlotte from the plane - early morning

This from my trip with Diane for ZBD. It was early morning, fog setting in, and i was definitely blocking her view!


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