Monday, May 22, 2006

vaca-tion, cowness

coming back from vacation in florida and my mind is all akimbo. In only a week and a few days my routine has been crumbled like a saltine cracker. I can't think straight nor make enough sense to start thinking straight.

We listened to David Sedaris' new collection on CD on the way down and that man had us laughing hard and me wanting to write (Like on Stephan). Or at least finish the writing i've started such as "Birthday Kiss."

I also find that my 'photographic eye' didn't exactly translate well on vacation - the things i go for, think about, and meditate upon while photographing just didn't happen in Florida. It felt that something was amiss because of the heat, or the light was different, or the towns we visited were touristy and didn't have the grit, the trashiness that i think i photograph well. But the truth is, something was missing from me - either a desire or a muse or a divine spark of some kind.

I wanna think about that and see what i photograph back home in Asheville.

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