Wednesday, June 21, 2006

you are here on mt mitchell

you are here on mt mitchell, originally uploaded by zen♫.

Here in the east coast, we have comfortable mountains. Mountains like sofas and saddles that fit the ass and are a trusted friend. I was very dissapointed when out west to realize that what the western people called mountains were just huge rocks. Pretty when covered with snow, but not that inviting or much fun to hike on.

I have a friend from Colorado who hates it here in Western NC - he says our mountains are really just dense hills that conspire to confuse his naturally wonderful sense of direction. He prefers to see the world by being on top and looking over stuff while it turns out i just prefer to actually look at stuff.

I guess it's all in how you look at it! :)


introspectre said...

Ha- I saw the Rocky Mountains as a pre-teen and was terrified by the jagged cliffs and amazingly long precipices (ever see the movie "The Long Long Trailer"? I shuddered!)

When I moved to Asheville I was so relieved. I took my mother on the Parkway once and she was fretting over the drops. I said, "Do you remember the Rocky Mountains? Sheesh! At least we have TREES to fall on and soften the blow!"

Those softly rounded forested hills always comforted me. I miss them.

modpez said...

i lived in the smokeys, way up in the smokeys, for 12 years. i later spent a few years on the wester slope of colorado. i have had many discussions about these mountains. conclusions:

the rockies have a peculiar ambience when you are standing high on some peak experience. i used to get an overwhelming sensation of too much heavy rock, the feeling tjat it was a special place, maybe because it was not meant to be inhabited by man.

the smokys, on the other hand, green, lush, full of springs and running water, are IMHO a better place to live, not visit.

note: the changing weather may dictate a reappraisal. western nc is getting way too hot.

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