Sunday, August 19, 2007

reflection zones

reflection zones, originally uploaded by źéń.

It seemed to Justus that the point at which he finally lived in his own head was the moment before he lost it. To be aware that he had become aware was to lose that first simple revelation and suddenly be thrust into the tumbling dominoes of thinking that he's thinking. How often his mind had struggled and finally achieved that epiphanous thinking outside the box only to have the box collapse into a sort of nothing-point that left him realizing that he's only in a bigger box, more difficult even to see out of. Never did he get the calm sensibility of being able to examine the box from the outside.

And like Jung's horse trying to be in it's own saddle, to BE it's own rider - he constantly fell into the dust of an afternoon's pleasure, flopping around like the spiritual cripple that he was.

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