Thursday, October 18, 2007

double rainbow morning

rainbow morning, originally uploaded by zen♫♪.

I almost didn't ride my motorcycle in today because of the threat of rain. I would've missed this little beauty forming, a double-rainbow on Howard Street. Thanks to Chris too for standing in the middle of the road, mouth agape, and pointing it out!

It reminds me of one of the very few things i do miss about living in Florida. The skies. I've seen several layers of clouds swarming around a double rainbow with the inner rainbow forming a complete circle. All while people huddle together going 75 miles per hour down I-95 in lockstep. Afraid to look away lest they run into others who are reading their papers or putting on makeup during the race-to-work.

Ok, it was the skies i miss, not my waxing poetic about how dull people are.

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