Friday, December 28, 2007

there was another tree

mountain evening, originally uploaded by z e n.

there was another tree
in the garden of eden
not the one the snake twined around
thick with apples made forbidden
but another tree
whose sap oozed love

it healed cuts
and tasted of pomegranates and kiwi fruit
and brought visions of innocence
and smelled of day-old babies
and hummed to itself
and felt like a stolen kiss
when breezes lifted its leaves
to graze our skin

young abel
built a tree-house in that tree
was his secret place
not from god who saw it all
but hidden moments from his family
and one day
in that tree
being without others
alone in his thoughts
while the tree bloomed pink
and dappled light played on his hair
and for no reason that he knew
abel cried all day

which was a thousand years



Anonymous said...

love the photo AND the poem ... lovely ... !

Anonymous said...

I worked hard and sincerely in attempt to provide serious and thoughtful comment of appreciation on this one and it was dissed. outta here
and will delete you from my Internet life of making connections on impression
you are as old as you are

zen said...

Thanks, richard. I think your decision works well for both of us. You really weren't attempting to provide serious and thoughtful comments so much as looking to create petty drama that really doesn't draw me in - being that i'm as old as i am.

When you get older, and i honestly hope you do, you may rethink the ideas of impressing yourself on others and listen to the sweet quiet of your life and of those around you whom you care about.

And i raise a virtual glass to you for a happy and prosperous new year.