Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wheel pants and wing struts over Interstate-40

Tim took Catherine and i out in his wonderful Cessna 172 to try and find fall color. While we were hindered from flying over Asheville and Pisgah mountains because of weather, we still had an absolutely wonderful time.

Tim was very tolerant of me opening the window and taking shots out in the wind.

To see more of the flight, go to my Flickr site tagged with cessna172.


Unknown said...

That must have been a blast. I used to go flying a lot as a youth. We 10 year olds would hang out at the Spartanburg Airport and wash planes for rides. We would go up at least once a week if not twice. It was a great time. Could never do that type of thing now. Everyone is considered to be a child molester. Flew over 100 times, never asked a parent. Was never abused by a pilot. Time sure has changed...sad

The Asheville Music Gallery said...

Love this shot and am struck by it's compositional relation to the previous photo form Oct 26th titled Inside Green.

The highway in the aerial shot mirrors the yellow "highway" in the Inside Green shot.