Saturday, December 22, 2007

guadalupe of the reflected wave

waving shrine, originally uploaded by z e n.


Anonymous said...

Do not get this one; has absolutely nothing for me and not just because I have an aversion to religious imagery, especially standard issue cheap religious imagery, the kind which commonly comes with the proselytizers who find my front door a magnet. Give me light through the stained glass in Durham Cathedral--along with the cold shadows in the side aisles. Spent too much time with this one with no pay off.

zen said...

Thanks for the comment, mellors. Glad that it was visually interesting enough for you spend time looking within to want a payoff. I generally don't try to project a supposed connection between the things i find (this was just a pamphlet floating in the water) and so dislike the proselytizing and images that are supposed to make one think towards a specific outcome.

As in life, the outcome is yours and i'm sorry you didn't get much out of it, but thanks for looking and trying!